Every person. in
Every light. Every perspective.


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New way to populate your visualizations with 2d People
  • Flexible | Every person in every light & every perspective
  • New technology  | 2d People created from 3d scans
  • Easy, fast & realistic results
  • Alternative approach to cutouts
  • Over 40 000 images of people | 2-3 times more, than others
Why to use Humano2d?

Easy, quick & flexible. You will quickly & easily find 2d People , that will perfectly match your images.
Just choose the right light, perspective and add people to your images efficiently.

Every person / every light

Every person in our library is available in 6 popular lighting scenarios. Together with mirrored versions, they can be easily used to fill almost any visualization.

Every person / every perspective

Every person is available in 12 different perspectives. You can quickly find right person in the right perspective, that's needed for your image.

Quick & easy to blend

All images have been prepared with the same brightness, contrast and saturation levels, so it's easy to adjust them all together and blend seamlessly into your image.

Realistic shadows

Unlike most classic cutouts, our 2d people also include perfectly realistic shadow, that's been rendered from the 3d model.

New approach

Each 2d person starts, as a 3d scan of a person, captured with over 240 photos. The new approach gives you more flexibility, ease of use & realistic end results.

Vast & professional

Over 40,000 images of the people prepared especially for archviz: 100% legal source & signed model-release.
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2d Cutouts png
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